Alex Jones: Senate wants martial law in America

RTAmerica asked:

There is a bill in the US Senate called the National Defense Authorization Act and it could be voted on as early as this week. This bill gives the president the authority to indefinitely imprison American citizens without a court hearing, both domestically and abroad. Senate Bill 1867 is bringing the battlefield to the homeland. Alex Jones, radio host of The Alex Jones Show, tells us what this could mean for America’s future. Follow Kristine on Twitter at


  1. CommunistWarrior1917 says

    Alex Jones was right about the Senate wanting martial law. 93% of senators supported indefinite military detention of US citizens without the right to trial. Egyptians have pointed out that the NDAA is very similar to Egypt’s Emergency Laws.

  2. raylucero100 says

    reporters are to busy chasing lindsay lohan around to report real news they dont want you to know the truth

  3. HotAnimeGuysFan says

    @CamillioD America already has its own camps set up that will be used for what the government calls problem citizens for the US but what they really are, are places where Christians will be sent when the attack on Christians starts world wide. The One World Government WILL HAPPEN and when we say ONE WORLD we mean one world…ruled by the antichrist…..or one that is against the Living and True God of mankind. There is One God for ALL PEOPLE, HE IS the Great I AM!!

  4. aliunitus says

    why does this only have 87,108 hits. this is a very fucking big deal. what the hell is wrong with people.

  5. roar5952 says

    @HotAnimeGuysFan One can not witness to hearsay and hearsay is not an witness.
    Blind faith is also not a witness. What I mean is that if one can not witness to the seen.
    And the seen being a witness. Then the second witness will be witnessing to the dark.
    Or the unseen of the seen. example. If it wasnt for God himself even the elect would be deceived.Unseen if one can not tell one how to become one of the elect then one is not of one. Witness to the unseen.

  6. HotAnimeGuysFan says

    Revelation 11:1-14 talks about the Two Witnesses, when the Two Witnesses are killed and when they are Resurrected.

    This all will happen and there is nothing man can do or pray to stop it. But men and women can pray for strength to get through it and turn to Him to be saved. Gods wrath will be on the face of the entire earth….no nation will be overlooked …no nation can stand against the Living God. People need to turn to Him before its too late.

  7. HotAnimeGuysFan says

    Your answer is correct when you said when the son of man stands there….for the world may think he has come and will turn to him. But my faith is in the True Son of God and He will come in the clouds and He will come to take first the dead and then the living that belong to Him. Then He will return to Heaven with us until He is sent back for the final battle..the people left behind will have to live through God’s wrath poured out on the earth…many will be saved! Tribulation Saints

  8. goldberg823 says

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    Read Revelation 2:9,,3:9 Jesus call them,The Synagogue of satan,liars,impostors,fraud
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  9. kozofliberty says

    Alex “Tip O’ the Spear” Jones doing his damndest to wake people up.Unfortunately,most Americans remain willfully ignorant.I hope it doesn’t take “Hot” tyranny to finally get their attention.

  10. shydogcatfat says

    haha if another civil war starts that be bloody citzens vs military. this gonna be fun to bad that will make this country the weakest country ever

  11. relphick100 says

    @Damonjager0 Thus always the tyrant.. how funny that you comment is blocked on google translate………

  12. relphick100 says

    @sherwoodparking Don’t think I have any reason to hate the German people because I am also German, but America is becoming a a fascist state. Welcome to the machine…. And don’t be sorry for your english, it is fine.

  13. PaintballOwnager says

    @abdullazeidan perhaps its because the founders were so far ahead of their time intellectually. they knew that people would eventually wake up to that fact, but they couldnt force it. get off the internet you jackass

  14. sherwoodparking says

    Im sorry for my english. But im German and please do not mat about our past. Does make it like the Nazi party? :(

  15. greyhoundone1 says

    its amazing the way this vid plays out….a young reporter and i give her credit wanting to learn the ropes form where alex is coming form… in this nice comfort built zone we surround ourselves with……the panic and reality of where and what alex is telling her…..the truth……and less than two months later the bill is passed through by oblooma….scary world…but i am ready informed by mr jones dailty….thanks alex……

  16. jts1178 says

    ( New petition to Repeal (HR 1540 & S. 1867) by Executive Order.This violates the 4th & 6th Amendment & Constitution Article 3 Section 3. Remove space in htt ) htt­tions#­!/petition/repeal-hr-15­40-s-18­67-executive-orderthis­-violate­s-4th-6th-amendment-c­onstituti­on-article-3-section­/H4hrYTlk