Barack Obama Signs NDAA Bill into Law Dec 31st. 2011 – Ron Paul explains the Bill

kheroot asked:

Dec 31st 2011: Obama Signs NDAA Bill into Law The $662 billion bill authorizes money for military personnel, weapons systems, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and national security programs in the Energy Department for the fiscal year beginning Oct. 1. The measure also freezes some $700 million in assistance until Pakistan comes up with a strategy to deal with improvised explosive devices. AAron: (“So it’s not in effect yet folks, so stay calm”) Alot of things can change in a short amount of time. ================================================ Originally Uploaded by rohbss on Dec 30, 2011 Truth #1 threat to Elites Security. Legalizing Holocaust. Truthers are there ENEMY the Jews in this Holocaust. Replace Truther with Terrorist. Your life is in Jeopardy ! Under NDAA the US military can (1) arrest US Citizens without any charges (or evidence) (2) Can do it secretly (Just disappear you) (3) Can hold you indefinitely (4) With No Right to a Trial. (5) Can torture. (6) Can assassinate US Citizens. Stop them NOW or DIE ! Your All Terrorists(TRUTHERS), going to take Gov’t Word No DUE Process ! National defence authorization act S. 1867 S 1867 NDAA End of Human Rights Petition Stop the Death of the Internet SOPA PIPA Petition Martial Law Bill Passes Congress Allows Military to Arrest, Permanently Detain, Torture, Kill American Citizens without Trial. The National Defense Authorization Act. America is a


  1. bigstU25 says

    @vcdna1 Hell no.. You got it wrong man. I dont know u told you that but America is only doing what the laws of power allow. See people dont understand the laws of power. Laws of power is i win you lose . EVERY Govt in the world operate the same way as america as far as so called “policing the world” Thats a term that the lib-tards came up with cause they dont understand power as well. Russia and China would do WORSE if they had the power America has.

  2. mdelair420 says

    @kheroot.Bush is the one who got this going. He’s a war criminal and sits at home no problems..One more thing nothing gets passed without the senate say so They obey are all involed..Why all the uproar is this not what every one wanted after 911 BLOOD.Well now you got it..We let them use terror to scare us into giving up our own rights period.That is the truth no matter how bad it sucks.Try to look through the disguise.We have killed or displaced 1.2million iraqis for no reason.Karma is a bitch.

  3. kheroot says

    @mdelair420 I didn’t take any offense, I was just being blunt about my views.
    I don’t agree with everything Ron Paul says, but in the overall picture, he is by far the best choice for America to have any chance to be a free nation once again.
    Ron Paul stands for liberty for the American citizens, after we regain that, we can go forward with other things. Without liberty and freedom, what will we do?

  4. mdelair420 says

    @kheroot Thats not what i meant..I only was saying they are not working for our benfits as middle and lower class people.They wont come together with cohesion and work it out for us as a people.That makes me mad.I’m not sure about Ron Paul he has some beliefs that i am not sure of.If they dont start working together and get us invovled in the process i dont see a change..We need to be alowwed to vote on laws ,bills ect.We have no say on this none.That is not freedom at all.That’s control.Peace:)

  5. soffer says

    AMERICANS! We’re forgetting just how important the Bill of Rights is!!  What is the only thing protecting you from the gov’t fucking with your shit? THE BILL OF RIGHTS. This is the most unAmerican bill ever. Fuck you Obama.

  6. kheroot says

    @WhiteWolf56765 You might check out my latest video “NDAA LOVE”
    In it I express my feelings for the NDAA.

  7. WhiteWolf56765 says

    The SOPA bill got shut down almost entirely, why isnt the NDAA??? Because the US citizens are cowards! Tell congress to go fuck themselves or take it in the ass harshly…

  8. kheroot says

    @mdelair420 Oh I get it, most people don’t want to hear the truth and refuse to listen to the whistle blowers trying desperately to let other know what is happening.
    I also get that Ron Paul s the only candidate that has not changed his views in 30 yrs for the people that he wants votes from.
    If you really feel things won’t get better, then crawl under a rock and die, I will fight for my freedom until they kill me.

  9. mdelair420 says

    @kheroot Dont you get it..Both parties are using the same reason terrorist..the patriot act got the ball rolling..No one gets it?Are we sheep or what?I mean the cia has done this for years..It is not new..They are more open about it now.Things are not going to get better..As for the bill of rights and constitution we are the ones who let them do as they want..We dont use it for our own justice..this is just another bullshit law that will help them both gain ground..

  10. tiptoeninja17 says

    @shawnblaze86 It”s ok i understand, it said on the news, that the republicans made the bill but obama had to sign it because the defence bill must be passed.

  11. shawnblaze86 says

    You didn’t answer how you know this is a Republican bill. Also, what do you mean it’s not Obama’s fault? This whole video explains how he signed the NDAA. So how is it not his fault? I’m not attacking you but I am really just curious where the thinking is coming from.

  12. tiptoeninja17 says

    @shawnblaze86 It was said on CNN and fox news. I brought up republicans because ron paul is a republican and i just wanted to explain that it wasn’t obama’s fault, thats it.

  13. shawnblaze86 says

    How do you know this is a Republican created bill? Also, in this Video I don’t think it ever mentioned anything about Republicans or Democrats. It only said that the president passed the law. So, why did you bring it up Republicans? Just curious.

  14. tiptoeninja17 says

    NDAA: a) Is a Republican created bill. b) Doesn’t actually provide for indefinite detention of US citizens. c) Is purposefully vague bc Republicans know the defense bill must be passed and the GOP in Congress is trying to “make this a one-term president” by their own admission. They want to create an image of Obama as a dictator/socialist/muslim terrorist/ atheist/ a bunch of other really incoherent attacks on a moderate president.

  15. PoliticalTrance says

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    On mine you can click it and be taken to the website.

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    @kheroot Yes, it is there. You now have a website listed on your channel. But what about your originating comment about me not having a website listed on my channel? Just curious, did you simply not see it at first and can now or what?

  19. kheroot says

    @PoliticalTrance Okay, I just posted Ron Paul’s site on my page, see if you can see it and click on it.

  20. kheroot says

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