1. BaronVonPenguin says

    @Prawntoastyum That should be “realities” you silly cunt. Also can I ask how you have such indepth knowledge of what it was that made Gary take his own life? You’re obviously a highly educated man and I’d love to learn a few things from you. All this attention you’re getting must be swelling your little maggot cock

  2. Koppite29 says

    I don’t know Gary Speed or Bryn law personally but I felt that. So sad a real football legend has passed

  3. Prawntoastyum says

    @MrJDH1111 He is the pathetic one for killing himself hahahaa fucking pussy scared at the realitys of life fuck him and fuck you.

  4. MrJDH1111 says

    @Prawntoastyum am i a robot? let me think about that, no. i’m not. and you are a pathetic worthless little cunt who laughs at a video about a man whose friend has died, grow the fuck up, you sad prick.

  5. MrJDH1111 says

    @Prawntoastyum lmao, sorry mate, i can’t take you seriously since your name is “Prawntoatyum” what are you 5?

  6. aidanlennon1 says

    there has only been 2 times in my life i have been upset at the death of a celeb. gary was more than a celeb he was man and dad. my blood ran cold. r.i.p from sunderland.a.f.c

  7. MrIrlkev says

    @MrBigkaiser show some respect ur the fucking pussy u can say all of that stuff behind a screen but i bet u woudnt have the balls to say it in public he wasn’t trying to get pussy he was really good friends with speed and showed a lot of courage to do that RIP Gary Speed gone but never forgotten

  8. kumasuma888 says

    @MrBigkaiser you need to get your head out your own arse you stupid cunt. Bryn Law was really good friends with Gary Speed and it took currage for him to stand up infront of a live TV Camera and talk about a very emosional story.. Not for the pussy you thoughtless twat !! , take your own life sir. R.I.P Gary Speed ,YNWA!

  9. M1F2R3 says

    Speedo, Speedo, Speedo. RIP Gary :( – My grandfather had the pleasure of meeting you numerous times whilst he was a board member @ the Welsh FA, he would have been saddened to see you end like this. You turned Wales around Speedo, so sad that you’ve gone :(

    Welsh pride

  10. xXarS3N4LXx says

    i never knew us as humans to bring low to a new level with all these shocking comments, if your gonna comment dont say it just keep it to your self.
    And if you had any morals or respect then those comments shouldnt even begin to breach your mind.