Child Support Laws and the History

Child Support Child support can be traced back to the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. In the young ages of the nineteenth century, the United States courts that handled cases of marital breakdowns and divorce, discovered that the present laws did not provide … [Read more...]

Child Custody and the Right to Move Away

For those of you who are interested in understanding the law concerning custodial parents who wish to move out of the area with children over the objections of the non-custodial parent, this article is for you. Presumptive Right to Move In our increasingly mobile society, … [Read more...]

Child Support Laws Opinions

Child Support Laws Child support in each state of America follows its own laws. Although, these laws are slightly different, they share one thing in common, that every non-custodial parent must provide financial support and health benefits for their child/children. Financial … [Read more...]