Estate Planning – Undue Influence Considerations

Often during the final years of a dear friend’s or relative’s life some person or persons will take over the task of caring for their sick and elderly friend or relative to a greater degree than the other people in their lives. This is sometimes due to sheer geography where the ag … [Read more...]

Estate Planning – Real Property Disbursement Problems

Many parents want to give an equal share of the family home or some other sentimental form of real property (actual land usually) to their surviving children in equal shares. As an estate-planning attorney, one often sees the strange problems created by such plans. In particular … [Read more...]

Estate Planning – The Life Estate

The life estate is something every first year law student learns about when they study the arcane and often bizarre history of property law that harkens back to the days of English knights, lords and serfs, and the transfer of property through the ceremonial throwing of dirt … [Read more...]

Estate Planning -Intent to Disinherit or Oversight?

Sometimes family and estate planning begins before the family is complete, particularly in an age where people (generally) are waiting until later to have children. In that case there could be grandchildren named in a will and others not, who are all in the same family. The … [Read more...]

Should You Go About Planning Your Estate?

Should You Go About Planning Your Estate With The Help Of Reverse Mortgages? For most of the seniors, their home is the biggest single asset and this fact has never changed since the housing bubble or the sluggish real estate market. Unlike the young consumers, the seniors are … [Read more...]