A Guide to Handling an Arrest Warrant

Realizing that there is an arrest warrant issued for you can be a frightening matter. This is especially true if you are not sure why the law wants to arrest you. What should you do when presented with this? How do you go about finding out if there is one issued for you? Here is … [Read more...]

Social Security Member’s Concerns

Changing of Names The Social Security has set some rules and regulations to be followed by members who wish to have their names changed. There are various circumstances where name changing is allowed and these are as follows: if a member marries, if the member divorced and if … [Read more...]

Choosing A Process Server

In civil court matters, a process server is someone who serves or delivers legal documents, ie. subpeonas, summonses, court orders, various legal notices and in some cases writs. Process servers normally fall into one of four (4) categories:   1. Registered or licensed … [Read more...]

What to Do Next When Charged with a Crime

You have been contacted by the police who want to ask you a few questions or someone has accused you of a crime and you have been arrested. This is a frightening scenario for anyone, especially when they have lived their lives as law abiding citizens. What should you do … [Read more...]

Should You Take A Lie Detector Test?

Is the standard lie detector test (also known as the polygraph) reliable? Should you be concerned about taking a polygraph test? Let's start with a true story. The FBI gives agent applicants a lie detector test before hiring them. After 9/11, their polygraph failure rate went … [Read more...]