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As a general overview, class action lawsuits involve a large group of people in some capacity: A collective class, even bound together over the issue of a misrepresented product, suing a defendant, or a band of defendants, individual negligent companies, for instance, being sued by an individual. While most class action suits are filed on behalf of product liability claims, other types of cases also conclude in court, too, including shareholders suing for fraud, workers, and residents over environmental disasters.

Each case, which may be filed in either state or federal court, class action has its benefits. Because a limited number of witnesses overlap, the trial process inevitably moves along more efficiently, while the cost of litigation tends to be lower than for one off plaintiffs filing alone.

Additionally, these types of cases do tend to have drawbacks. Before the lawsuit even progresses, the prosecuting group must be named as a class. Federal courts, as well, may stop class action lawsuits if the defendants are state governments or officials or if the plaintiffs number less than {one hundred,100.
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Concentrated on the potential implications of the challenges to President Obama’s health care reform, but other cases also are likely to have important impacts on class action waivers in consumer arbitration agreements are enforceable and

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Rand Paul has positioned himself against both the Obama Administration and entrenched Republicans like John McCain on the government's US citizen data-mining programs. Paul even threatened a classaction lawsuit with the American people Health Care; US Conservative Politics.; News

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5.1.7 Call for a media exposé of Barack Obama and members of Congress; 5.2 111th Congress. 5.2 in order to end classaction lawsuits aimed at businesses that I was instrumental in bringing tens of thousands of people to the U.S. capitol to rally against Obama care and to attend our

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MUP59 Obama Middle Class
12% of Americans say the middle class has benefited a lot from Obama’s policies and 39% say it has benefited a little. In fact, Republicans say Congressional action is likely. Pres. Obama outlined six cornerstones for his new middle-class policy. Health care costs TOTAL REGISTERED VOTER

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This is a list of prominent people or groups who formally endorsed, voiced support for or donated towards President Barack Obama's 2012 presidential re-election campaign during the Democratic Party primaries and the general election.

Class Action Obama Care

Federal Lawsuit To Find Obamacare Unconstitutional
The Obamacare Class Action (OCA) is a Federal lawsuit challenging the Constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA).

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The widening gap between rich and poor is eroding faith in the American dream.

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President Barack Obama State Of The Union Address, 24 February 2009. News & Issues; US Politics. Search. I reject the view that says our problems will simply take care of themselves; this nation has responded with bold action and big ideas.

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This month Wal-Mart (WMT) found itself on the defending end of another massive employee class action suit in California when a California judge certified a