Constitutional Principles: The Rule of Law

BillofRightsInst asked:

Do you understand why the rule of law is important for maintaining free society? The Bill of Rights Institute has created a short, engaging video for Bill of Rights Day on the constitutional principle of the rule of law. Exciting visuals from current events, an engaging historical narrative, brief scholar interviews, and memorable quotes will make this 8-minute video perfect for use on Bill of Rights Day, and every day! A short viewing guide is also available to guide you through the content.


  1. mlmr11 says

    The problem now is that the rule of procedure has trumped the rule of law .

  2. SovereigntyColorado says

    rickl7069.. Good point, there are many other areas that our liberty has been removed considering our current De Facto form of Democracy. Most Americans do not understand the true meaning of a Constitutional Republic and the Rule of Law… De Jure. All you hear from both parties and political pundits is the word Democracy… this is not done from ignorance, it has been taught in our schools for over 40 years. We have been losing our true Constitutional Principles since the Organic Act of 1871

  3. rickl7069 says

    I love the rule of law in principle. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work that way in reality. The fact is, if you are poor and accused of anything, you are most likely going to jail – whether you did it or not. The fact is that attacking DA, for all intents and purposes, has practically unlimited resources to come after you, while a poor man generally gets stuck with a free attorney that doesn’t care. Hard to find a rich man in jail – though there are exceptions.