sxephil asked:

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  1. NewWaveBoss says

    I really do not think you can say that it is “unconstitutional” to not allow gay marriage, there is nothing in the constitution defending it and saying that it should be allowed; you can claim that it is wrong, or that you don’t agree, but that is not defended by the constitution – so, how could it be unconstitutional?

  2. Xeldryn says

    @sookmaybowls Bro, that’s old testament. That was for the Israelites way back then.

  3. BigCatFrogHorse says

    @sookmaybowls Way to go! It makes you think, was the bible written by Jesus or whatever, or someone who wanted their way?

  4. RainMan5508 says

    He deserves Prison time, but he’ll get a huge fine and probation or something dumb like that.

  5. fishwantbike says

    America the land of the free, unless your homosexual then your only partially free. HERP A DERP.

  6. P0248 says

    you say that you’re not gonna hate on the guys because of his views but surely that is entirely justified? Also it’s kinda sickening that you said that gay man was being treated respectfully.

  7. bionaraq says

    always thought, just call it garriage and give it the same rights as marriage tax wise..

    bam, religious people have no leg to stand on since your not “infringing the sanctity of marriage”… and gay people can join us marriage folk in marriage unbliss…

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