Egypt partially lifts state of emergency law

Euronews asked: Egypt has announced its state of emergency law is going to be lifted. The move was declared by the head of the country’s ruling military council, Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi during a televised address. However he also added that it would still apply in dealing with cases of what he called “thuggery” without giving any details. But one newly elected member of parliament has warned that this does not amount to a full cancellation of the laws in place since 1981.


  1. straty01 says

    @IranContraScumDid911 great comment. The world is s l o w l y waking up. A revolt within the US military regime would be nice, surely there must be some with brains who can see the path they are taking is self destructive? There are bigger things going on, war is for children, adults seek solutions.

  2. IranContraScumDid911 says

    Obama’s version of liberation and “democracy”, an even more dictatorial despotic military regime than before in Egypt and an Al-Qaeda sharia state in Libya ….. the Arab Spring. Good thing Euro News gave you some bullshit feel good story to support the toppling of foreign nations, a good old coup CIA style. This is a real old game, funny the world has not awakened to the reality. Euronews and CNN have pushed FAT lies on you, backing mass death and destruction of nations as good

  3. WashingtonEnema says

    Did the military forget who their boss is? lol its completely backwards, military doesn’t get to tell the people whats going to happen, the people will tell the military whats going to happen.