Estate Planning : What Is a Durable Power of Attorney?

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Durable power of attorney allows the power of attorney to manage funds even in the event of incapacitation. Find out what durable power of attorney is from an estate planning and probate lawyer in this free video on estate law. Expert: Brad Wiewel Contact: Bio: Brad Wiewel is board certified in estate planning and probate by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has been practicing law since 1978. Filmmaker: Demand Media


  1. JBL8863 says

    @sandrajeanification I did recieve a copy of the Will from the layer handling on behalf of my mother.

    My dearest brother kept her vehicle after she died, and claimed she told him to keep it before she past. Pretty pathetic when family fights over money. Her house has been taking off the market? maybe sold by now. I seen my mother for 3 months sick in the hospital and she never mentioned a word about her vehicles.

    I haven’t heard a word from the layer that handled my mother’s Will.

  2. sandrajeanification says

    @JBL8863 Do you know how to find out is she had a will? And if it was taken to probate? If I were you I’d find out FAST!

  3. sandrajeanification says

    One of my brothers got POA over my mother.  He dumped her accounts just before she died a pauper. In NC POA lasts until death, and our mother died with out a will. The only people this did any good for was the one brother and his family. Always hire an attorney if you have questions. And find out the difference between Guardian (has to prove what they spend and why) and POA. A POA should not be assigned after the person becomes incapacitated. As they did with my mom.

  4. JBL8863 says

    Stay out of Court and stay away from Lawyer as long as you can?

    Isn’t the theory behind going to Court to make a ruling on behalf of what’s right and NOT what’s wrong?

    My mother died and left my younger brother as POA…her house was in a WILL dividing the ownership between 4 people…
    My brother the POA stopped talking to me after her funeral…Tonight I found out he has been taking furniture out of her house an selling it…

    I think this is moral;y wrong and possibly criminal…