LA Law Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Part 1 Full Episodes

LALawTVShow asked: LA Law Season 1 Episode 1 Pilot Part 1 Full Episodes Season 1, Episode 1 — Aired 9/15/1986 Pilot Becker begins the day dealing with some irate clients and finds himself at the wrong end of a gun; Melman discovers a dead partner; Kuzak finds a creative way to see that justice is done when he defends an unsavory client accused of rape and assault on a terminally ill woman; Brackman challenges Kelsey about taking on an insurance case; the firm takes on a new associate; a Chaney eulogy takes a shocking turn; Becker opens the eyes of a woman who mistakenly thinks she has a good divorce settlement; Perkins’s marital problems become public knowledge; Kuzak encounters a judge who takes traffic violations seriously; Kelsey propositions Markowitz.


  1. sophieclarkpoem says

    @deebastard77 Tell me about it.We must already arm for the fight against the axis of goofiness

  2. deebastard77 says

    Man, what happened to tv shows, it just got so shitty. LA Law, Moonlighting and the Cosby Show were my favourites back in the 80s. 

  3. romanvanpersie says

    Had to sign in to thank uploader. This was my favourite show when it aired in the UK..guess I was between 10 and 12 years old or so. The theme tune has stayed with me my whole life and every time I see Corbin Bernsen I think of this show too. Awesome to see them again 20 years later. Thanks for the nostalgia trip bro. You are boss.

  4. megamanj2004X says

    I miss this show!

    It’s a shame that Nuvo TV canned this show before it even gotten to finish the 2nd half of the 1st season in favor of airing lame stuff like Angel and reality garbage.

  5. Lisica2008 says

    @erikdraven1731 I used to work in the 1800-block of Penn. Ave in DC during the final years of the GW Bush administration. About once every 2-3 weeks there’d be an ambulance screaming down Penn Ave. from the direction of the White House toward George Washington University Hospital. I always hoped it was Cheney in there.

  6. vnisanianisback says

    @269848 The people at Amoeba Records are misinformed, as this show was never once released on DVD.

  7. ebonilia says

    I forgot how great this show is I have so many episodes on VHS – thursday nights back in the 80s. Set the standard high to produce other copycats like The practice and boston legal. Denny Crane :) outdid Arnie Becker hands down

  8. firegod001 says

    @269848 People buy what they are TOLD to buy. No one tells them to buy the best show ever, so very few people do. L.A. Law has completely fallen off the map. It is no where to be found any best of lists that the media puts out there, but when it was on the air, it was obviously one of the very best ever, except for the last 2 seasons or so.

  9. firegod001 says

    Yes! This is the best TV show ever. FINALLY someone is posting episodes of it! Thank you!

  10. 269848 says

    @SoapOperaSpectacular I was told that this great show was on disc at one time, but was discontinued in 2006 due to poor sales(or so I heard ). The people at Amoeba Records in Hollywood,Ca. said this to me.

  11. SoapOperaSpectacular says

    That theme-song is epic! Great show, and a BIG shame that its not on dvd yet.