digitalmediafan asked:

An exanple of one of the first programmes to have NICAM DIGITAL STEREO in the early 1990’s when it was a novelty to have any tv prog with stereo sound…plus this is a rather excellent theme tune of course !


  1. holyinpure says

    This Song For Some Reason Still Plays In My Head. Back In The Days I Used To Watch This Show On And Off. I Was Not Really Big In To The Series But I Liked Watching Watching It From Time To Time. I Will Tell You One Thing They Don’t Make Shows Like This Anymore. Today It Is All Crap And Waaaaay Too Much Crime Cop Shows And I’m Sick Of It. Can’t Find One Good Decent Show To Watch These Days.

  2. karen175 says

    Oh, sure, like lawyers work in big skyscrapers and have secretaries.
    Look at him! He’s wearing a belt…That’s Hollywood for ya.

  3. UncleMikeNJ says

    Jimmy Smits and Blair Underwood both went on to play fictional Presidents, and Richard Dysart had already played both Truman and Eisenhower.

    Corbin Bernsen could now play Eisenhower: He now has less hair than Alan Rachins!

  4. jrf14032 says

    the only differences between this and REAL law practice were cases move much faster on tv, and not NEARLY as much sex!

  5. thisisrumorcontrol says

    This was one of those shows that was so good it made you want to be a lawyer, just in the hopes that things turned out the way they did in the series law firm.

  6. AnthonyUK says

    The stereo left and stereo right techiques for speech are still used on some programmes today.

  7. AnthonyUK says

    @djchronica185 The stereo soundstage was quite engaging on LA LAW in NICAM;phones were ringing all over the place,typewriters were tapping from all directions,cars drove from left to right and right to left across the screen. and extraneous sounds on outdoor scenes opened out.

  8. Cyclops236 says

    That man that you see before the theme song plays reminds me of a guy I saw in Home Alone 4.

  9. srabchun says

    From the days when the theme song for the show was just as memorable as the show itself. I have cant recall remembering any theme songs for the shows of today.