1. mistercroft1975 says


    As it happens, I was having coffee with the cast and crew of this show and they asked “Whatever happened to cactus337?”

    and I said:


    And the whole cast, crew and anyone who had ever been involved with LA Law said:

    “Do you think that is because cactus337 is a very poor actor and as such, has no right to comment on the series we produced when he was probably a foetus?”

    And I said “Yes”

    And then we all proclaimed “cactus337 is an idiot” – (you had to be there)

  2. TheGrungeGamer2 says

    Screw Law & Order: LA. This was the only L.A. crime series I loved from NBC.

    Every other Law & Order was good…just not L&O: LA.

  3. MrVictorClark says

    My Mom named me after Victor from this show. She also named my sister after Tabetha from Bewitched.

  4. RaeRae914 says

    I used to beg my mum to let me watch this wen i was 7 lol why i duno and she used to let me and then send me outta the room wen it got to grown up parts hehe :)

  5. UncleMikeNJ says

    September 18, 1986, 25 years ago, the show premiered.

    Three Presidents in that cast. Can you identify them?

    Richard Dysart twice played Harry Truman, and twice played Dwight D. Eisenhower. He’s also played 3 Cabinet Secretaries. And Jimmy Smits played President Matthew Santos on “The West Wing.”

  6. MrWoodywoodward27 says

    when my littile brother was born this show was huge, I was 7 at the time and my mother just loved Corbin bernsen. So she named my brother Corbin, and how many at one time did they cast for this show the intro is long.

  7. claggegg says

    Great U S show,great theme what happend to it,like someone has said where is the DVD’s,I have not seen any for sale inthe UK

  8. philandsacha says

    wow wow wow i work in an office 23 years on from this and not much has changed!!!! defo trendsetters there kinda defined the 90s 2000s office. is it wrong to fancy susan dey xxx

  9. KingDT2007 says

    This show inspired me to become an attorney after 3 years of law school 200K in student loans and not being able to find a job at a respectable firm i am now chasing ambulances and making less than half what the EMT who drives the ambulance makes on that i say FUCK YOU STEVEN BOTCH-CO now off to have a belt of burbon

  10. trainjustleft says

    @skeatesy1 Well, thanks one hell of a lot for that. I’ve been waiting out here in left field for you.

  11. trainjustleft says

    You are correct. Over the years there were some substitutions that simply did not meet the original cast productions. And when the added the “retarded” guy, it was downhill from there.
    Ok. Let’s hear it from all the retarded people.
    And Boston Legal had their own retards too. Kowtow.

  12. maclovindotca says

    Classical late 80s cast, large amount of actors. I am not a follower of the show, but let me guess…. Most of the regular characters got cut. Am I right ?

  13. xaqshuna2003 says

    Whoever made the video and song needs a raise because its tough as hell to turn a nasty and dirty city w/a bunch of crook lawyers look like something actually worth watching (especially 1980s Los Angeles when the air was the worse than Mexico City).

  14. thisisrumorcontrol says

    @raydeen1 Amen to that, admit it, just watching that intro made you want to be a lawyer in L.A. \

    c’mon don’t try to hide it. bet you wish you could walk thru the door with the theme playing behind you.