Obama Signs NDAA Martial Law

TruthSeekingElf asked:

There is little one can say about a video such as this but nazi Germany has arrived in the US predicted by many for years. The writing was on the wall so people shouldn’t be surprised. Credits to the editor of this video Matt D and to YouTube user clipofreality who uploaded this clip on 14th December and thanks to rohbss for bringing this video to my attention. I am very glad that more people are now awakening to the atrocities that have been going on for a very long time. The more people that see this video the better. It’s all about informing and spreading truth after all.


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  2. TheMetalGuy852 says

    actualy Hitler declared war on poland to take back danzig, which by a vote of 96% wanted to secede back into Germany, Hitler was freeing his own people, if you actually read the Molotov Ribbentrop act you would see Hitler offered a seven day grace period to declare peace and hand over danzig, and Germany would pay poland more than generously for damages. wwII is extremely misunderstood, the same people who are taking your freedoms away have lied to you about history. Vote Ron Paul 😀

  3. nazaxprime says

    @Vindaven Cylon alert! All crews, man your action stations!
    Have fun in the matrix, troll.

  4. facasj1964 says

    The savage manifesto for saving the usa.
    1.close the border w/ mexico
    2.de-fund and repeal obama care
    3.institute a flat tax
    4.regulate wall st.
    5.end affirmative action
    6.liquidate tarp
    7.impose tariffs on china
    8.strike down anchor baby laws
    9.use racial profiling to prevent terror attacks
    10.english only in our schools and at the voting booths
    11.restrict welfare and food stamp recipients from voting in federal elections, and prescribe them norplant
    12.vote obama out in 2012

  5. TheShark447 says

    @eurosceptic1 And not to mention he would need to win every state from here on just to have the delegates to GET the nomination… Ron has a long term plan, noone else in the race does, hes the only one who can beat Obama

  6. jackwdc says

    F: “Sir, NDAA has just been signed into law.”
    H: “Sounds like an…”
    H: “Obama-nation”


  7. scientheism says

    Look what OBOMBA has waiting for you, he signed the NDAA, Coming to a town near you, this Summer:

    youtube. com/ watch?v=s0Bk39nxdA0

    Doesn’t that scare the living shit out of you? If it doesn’t then you’re most likely insance. Thanks OBOMBA for ushering in WW3!! People, Listen to AlexJones on the TheAlexJonesChannel and VOTE Ron Paul 2012 to stop this MADNESS!!!

  8. TheLetsbegin says

    This is sad, or is it ? Now the real truth is out creating doubt for the right reasons;) NOT doubt due to all the lies which have been fed to us! Treason has already been committed. Now it`s pay back time to dismantle the whole fucked system! About fuckin time;)

  9. kpg102698 says

    @Vindaven you had a happy child hood right the white picet fence and the dog and a mother and a father well while everthing was alright with your family we the 2nd class are suffering i respect your right to free speech but america is failing

  10. RattuTV says

    agree with this bill or not…the fact that Obama signed this bill on NEW YEARS EVE while everyone is out partying is shady.

  11. garianali says

    Wait is this the shitt we killed osama and sudam for and now they doing it tou us?

  12. Luffyking23 says

    @Senehtsotara a signing statement is not law. the law is the document that he has signed. He;s not going to indefintly Us citizens great, that doesn’t mean the next administration will

  13. morrisovich1 says

    I want to know the name of the music and artist during the Ron Paul speech. Loved it…..and it represents a perfect sadness……..just as our country does right now.

  14. humblejumpify says

    They hate us for our freedom!! Well….i guess they will love us now


  15. abby0campbell says

    This is appalling, thanks for posting. I am not a citizen of the US, but I know that if you as citizens of your country lose your rights the world will soon follow.

  16. savcdjvabyofv says

    @713parkour fuck you you inmature fuck go shuv a dick up your ass til it comes out of your mouth… just cuase you dont like him dosent mean you have to leave ass hole remarks about him dutch bag